Company Profile

2002s,Auto Recovery Hub, Marsiling Road
Established in 2002s, ARH built a steadfast reputation commitment to exedllence product and services.
It started from an open carpark workshop in marsiling road ARH can considered as reliable & trustworthy service provider with strong potential growth.ARH expertise lise in experience and value added services. Currently,we have network with more than 20companies in the northern region, and also improving our product range with reliable brands inorder to cater to a wider scope of customers.We have the equipment and people to troubleshoot your ehicle problems.Going forward, ARH remains comittted to propel our business to greater heights and create values for our customers and business partners.
2004s,Auto Recovery Hub Pte Ltd, in Blk 8 Unit #01-14 Marsiling Industrial Estate Road 3 .
2007s our new branch is form ARH Formula. The New One Stop Workshop with fully equipped Technologies..etc

Head Office:
The Auto Recovery Hub Pte Ltd
Blk 8 Marsiling Industrial Estate #01-14
Singapore 739252
Tel: (65) 6100 2183


Important of Wheel Alignment,Balancing & Rotation
  To maintain proper control of your car,you must keep your wheels in proper alignment.
Otherwise steering becomes difficult,and caused tyres unevenly wear and your fuel consumption will increase.Inspect the thread of your tyre to see if it is worn down in the middle,most likely are over inflated,if it's worn at the side then its under inflated.When you are driving,lightey rest your hands on the steering wheel. If your car drifts to either side,make an appointment with us.
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Battery technology advance greatly the technical requirements of modern vehicles as well as to comply with the environmental concerns.Our extensive battery range,suit every application,provedes optimum performances,realibility and ling service life.All batterise are tested under severe conditions.

Starter Motor

We provide Nwe & Recondition Starters to our clients.Features outstanding reliability even under the most severe operating conditions.All starters are tested under severe conditions.

Motor Accident Claimed & Pannel Beating with Car Body Paint Works

Important : Keep this catalogue in your car at all time.

24-hours ARH Careline : (65)6100 2183 /6100 3183

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaWhat to do in the event of an accident ?
aaaaaaaaaaaaaCheck anybody was injure
aaaaaaaaaaaaIf NO keep calm and move to a safe place
aaaaaaaaaaaIf YES you are required to make a police report
aaaaaaaaaaDo not accuse or admit who is at fault
aaaaaaaaaRecord Owner or Witness vehicle number,name,address or contact details
aaaaaaaaTake photograph of the scene of the accident
aaaaaaacontact ARH Careline for Assistant

What can ARH careline do for you ?
aaaaaimmediate assistance after an accident
aaaaEmergency Breakdown service
aaaArrange Towing Service
aaAdvised Motor Claims Procedures

aMedical Referral Assistance

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